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All over the world people realize that CO2 emissions will have a negative effect on our planet habitat. If we can realize that global warming stays below 2 degrees Celsius, we can avoid disasters happing with our planet.
Energy efficient greentech and circular solutions are needed to preserve our planet for future generations. We should not burn oil to move our vehicles, instead it would be more wise to use oil to make lightweight and other smart material that help building cleaner cities.

We do not want to be part of the problem, we want to work on solutions. Electrical vehicles will help our transition. But we should not treat is as the holy grail. Electrification of our vehicles will only bring us half way. We can only reach 50% of the CO2 reduction needed. We need to reduce faster our emissions. Only cycling can help to reach this fast enough. Electrification in combination with cycling. Cycling with a spark, by using a innovative cycles park to enable our cities to become as beautiful as a park.
This is why it is CycleSparks mission to design and offer new lightweight clean vehicles that are more fun to use, healthy, practical and energy efficient at the same time. Lets start today!